Dear Kasterborite, it is March, Doctor Who is back within a matter of days, so to get you in the mood here is the latest Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”)!

The full team of Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian Terranova is on board this week to discuss a selection of topical and interesting subjects.

If you’re intrigued by the possibility of former companions turning up in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special – then so are we! We’re also excited by the Ice Warriors, although rueful that the great Russell T Davies won’t be involved in the anniversary year.

Have you been watching Broadchurch? James, Brian and Christian offer their thoughts on the new show starring David Tennant and The Eleventh Hour‘s Olivia Colman (along with David Bradley and Arthur Darvill) and for one week only we’ve introduced a new drinking game!

All you need to do is prepare your favourite alcoholic beverage and take a swig each time you hear the input of Time Tot Erin-Rose Cawley, who makes several unscheduled appearances this week.


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3 comments on “PodKast with Some 50th Anniversary Wishes

  1. How on Earth are the Ferengi on Star Trek redolent of Jewish stereotyping?

    • Paddy Mar 13, 2013

      Jewish stereotypes include being tight with money, while carefully amassing huge secret fortunes, and being shrewd business people – which the Ferengi were. I don’t know if there’s one about them having big ears which are their main erogenous zone, I’m not that up on my casually acceptable racism.

      Looking forward to this podKast – I will try the drinking game.

  2. Doc Whom Mar 13, 2013

    The Ferengi were portrayed as a stereotypically financially greedy race, not as stereotypically Jewish.

    It’s the same thing you get when, say, the goblins in the Harry Potter films are portrayed with tiny eyes and long pointed fingers and people object that, in an attempt to show their greedy nature, they’re being made out to be Jews.