New eBook: Build Your Own TARDIS Console – The Pertwee Years

2nd November 2019

Kasterborous is happy to announce another great new eBook – a guide to building your own Pertwee era TARDIS console!

Experienced TARDIS builder Tony Farrell guides you through every stage of construction in this excellent manual. Love dials and levers? This book will help you understand the construction process and perhaps even build your own early 70s style TARDIS console.

Just click this image to download!

Doctor Who eBook: Build a TARDIS Console Pertwee Edition

Running to 40 pages, this detailed guide covers everything from choosing materials to the specification of the “table section”. There’s even details for cutting to shape and clear measurements for every part.

Complete with a design for the central column and control panel variants from different stories from the Pertwee era (1970-74), you’ll love this free TARDIS console building eBook!

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3 comments on “New eBook: Build Your Own TARDIS Console – The Pertwee Years

  1. Jaspreet Singh Nov 3, 2019

    My favourite Doctor! Favourite era and favourite TARDIS design! I can’t believe this exists. Free too! Will be definitely reading this! Thank you very much! You’ve made this Pertwee fan a very happy guy!

  2. Hi, right now, i’m starting om plans for a console, but it’s the “Five Doctors” one.

    I see that either you ( Tony ) or lespaceplie have even managed to get the “zig-zag” trim around the console edge correct?

    Can you give me the measurements of this, as I’m having a complicated time, trying to get that zigzag edging **right**.
    Please Help?
    send *any* “five-docs” info to, me, Please?
    for my email look at the info required for this message.