Doctor Who Series 12 has finished – but what did we make of The Timeless Children? Despite leaks and spoilers aplenty, it managed to surprise. But does it offer a brand new direction for Doctor Who beyond the hodge-podge of ideas?

Christian Cawley and James McLean work it out.


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2 comments on “Is The Timeless Children the End of Doctor Who – or a New Beginning?

  1. This better fits with the Doctor’s journey as well. The fact that she doesn’t sacrifice herself in the end, but is arrested and put in prison while her companions presumably think she’s gone, should make for bigger narrative payoffs when they are either reunited or, somehow, the companions discover what has happened to the Doctor. They may not be Time Lords, but they do now have a TARDIS of their own, and it would be a bit surprising if we don’t see at least one of the companions behind the controls of this new TARDIS at least briefly in the future. And if nothing else, seeing how Graham, Yaz, and Ryan continue on in the Doctor’s absence and deal with the loss should provide fertile ground for character development.