Presenting stories with multiple incarnations of Doctor Who is always a treat… but it sometimes doesn’t quite work out. Christian Cawley and James McLean put their heads together to work out just which of these stories is the best. Is it the one you’re expecting, or do they have a surprise for you?

Featuring discussion of:

The Three Doctors; The Five Doctors; The Two Doctors; Dimensions in Time; Time Crash; Day of the Doctor; Twice Upon a Time; countless novels and Big Finish adventures. Oh, and a few words about a wonderful parody account based on the idea of Big Finish exploring every narrative nook and cranny in Doctor Who


You asked for it, so here it is: James McLean and Gareth Kavanagh discuss the various events of the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time, in which the Twelfth Doctor breathes his last. Was there too much David Bradley? Not enough Jodie Whittaker? Couldn’t Gatiss’ character have been someone else entirely, for the sake of creating a bigger universe?

And did *she* really have to come back?

It’s time to sit back and find out what we thought, as we said goodbye to Peter Capaldi… and hello to Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Doctor Who!

The end of a Doctor Who era is nigh. Twice Upon a Time airs in just a few days time, on Christmas Day, so we’ve got together to chat about the coming episode, and its guest stars.

So, grab a comforting drink and kickback with this week’s podKast with a K and join Christian Cawley, James McClean, James Baldock and Simon Danes chatting about Twice Upon a Time, seeing it in a preview screening, and what might or might not happen in the episode…

PLUS: a Christmas quiz (sort of).

The Doctor Who Christmas special is coming, so this week’s podKast largely… um, ignores it, really, in favour of discussing general series news. So, tune in for Steven Moffat’s thoughts about Brexit voters, what John Barrowman thinks of Jodie Whittaker, and notices on the sad passing of actors Scott Fredericks, and Keith Barron.

Christian Cawley and James McLean are your hosts.



You’ve seen the trailer, now find out what we thought of it. Doctor Who returns in a few weeks time for the final episode of the Steven Moffat era; it’s also Peter Capaldi’s last appearance as the Twelfth Doctor. So surely Twice Upon a Time should be getting us excited?

Find out how we feel, what we would like to see, and how all of this could quite easily feel like a whole different show in 12 month’s time by clicking play…