What’s on your shelf? Any Doctor Who figures? Perhaps one or two classic Star Wars action figures from Kenner? Or did you prefer robots in disguise? Whether you still have those old toys, or you’re simply a modern collector – or you just love the nostalgic reminiscences – Christian Cawley and James McLean are here to have a general chat about 1980s (and some 90s) action toys. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, MASK, and even Blake’s 7 all get a mention…


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In a lull between kommentaries (we’ve a new one for you next week) Brian, James and Christian discuss recent Marvel movies, the Doctor’s place in the Marvel comics universe, Captain America’s Hydra revisionism and how the producers of Doctor Who could do the same thing with the Doctor — or have they already?

PLUS: Christian and Brian talk 1980s action figures.

Shownotes Series 6 Episode 17

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We’re taking you out of the madness of waiting for September 1st with this week’s Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) as Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss Doctor Who comic strips! With special guest Gareth…