Welcome to the first of our special PropKast podcasts, in which James McLean and Brian A Terranova discuss props in TV and movies. To kick off, the focus is mainly on Doctor Who props, specifically those that have been reused across serials or found in other shows.


(Featured image credit: Brian A Terranova)

Well, it’s been a nice summer, but we’re back! James McLean and Brian Terranova are in the hot-seat this week, steering conversation from The X-Files to Star Wars: The Last Jedi via Spider-Man: Homecoming and comedy in order to try to work out why real life keeps permeating fiction. Why can’t escapism be just that?

We’re not sure if the answer is out there (although the truth is, undoubtedly), but note that this week’s podKast includes some spoilers.

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In a break from the usual Doctor Who programming, this week’s podKast takes a break from time travel (well, mostly – listen out for TV Movie references, as well as Christopher Eccleston’s in-character message to…