Wow. This is a packed podKast, in which Christian Cawley and Brian Terranova talk about whether the BBC should show compiled, movie-length Doctor Who specials while the show is off air. PLUS James McLean and Brian talk Spider-Verse and Gareth Kavanagh joins us to talk about the forthcoming Starburst International Film Festival.

Shownotes Series 6 Episode 19

Theme tune by Russell Hugo.

We have a mammoth podKast for you this week as Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian Terranova provide you with a minute-by-minute commentary of 1989 classic The Curse of Fenric, starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred.

But we’re not watching the standard four-part edit; rather, we’re “going to the movies” and instead enjoying the special edition, which was included on the 2003 DVD release of the story. Want to join in? Get your DVD loaded up (it’s on Disc 2), and get ready to hit play when we do…

Shownotes Series 6 Episode 18

Theme tune by Russell Hugo.

We’ve been promising it for weeks, and at long last we’ve finally bit the bullet and given much-maligned classic Doctor Who serial Time and the Rani the detailed rewatch and discussion it deserves. Christian, Brian…