Join us as we look back on the opening episode of the Fifth Doctor’s era, as Peter Davison makes his first full appearance as Doctor Who.

Listen out for wry observations, TARDIS talk, and thoughts about how the show compares with other episodes in the same run. James McLean and Brian Terranova are your hosts – why not get your DVD or streaming service ready and watch along with them?

The Melkur has arrived, and Christian Cawley and James McLean are literally caught by the honey on display in The Keeper of Traken.

There’s the cast, the set, the costumes, the return of the Master, the Shakespearean undercurrent.

It’s lovely, isn’t it?

This week’s podKast with a K is a commentary of The Keeper of Traken. We’d like you to join in, watching along with us. Get your DVDs/streaming account at the ready and hit play!

On this week’s podKast, Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss 10 reasons why new Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi is going to be awesome.

The podKast team really think it’s time to share the love for a man who is possibly one of the most accomplished performers to take the role (he’s got an Oscar, you know!) and in light of the noisy naysayers with their shallow ageist attitude, the fightback starts right here.

We also spend a few moments discussing the Fourth Doctor, with news that both Matthew Waterhouse and Tom Baker are interested in reuniting in a Big Finish drama, and that Tom’s Doctor tops the eBay Doctor Who merchandise sales chart.

Along with our recommendations, we’ve also got an impassioned plea from Christian who is exasperated by the actions of certain fans looking for nude photos of Jenna Coleman and Karen Gillan…

As for Brian Terranova – well, who knows where he got to…

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