We took a week off, but Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian A Terranova are back to mull over some recent Doctor Who news, from the Moffat/Barrowman Torchwood revival spat to Tom Baker in Star Wars, and standing on a roof naked.

No, really.

Shownotes Series 6 Episode 28

  • Moffat/Barrowman on Torchwood revival
  • Eccleston regret
  • BFI Power of the Daleks
  • TV Movie upscaling
  • Tom Baker in Star Wars: Rebels, Baker’s End
    • Hornet’s Nest and Serpent Crest by Paul Magrs
  • Doctor Who: The Mutants

Christian Cawley and Brian A. Terranova are James-less this week as they chew the eye snot over Sleep No More, Doctor Who Series 9’s ninth episode (already?! Yes). Surely, with the vast collection of derogatory…

We head back in time with this week’s podKast to revisit and reappraise the 1973 Doctor Who six part Dalek serial, Planet of the Daleks, starring Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning.

True to form, the team has not in its entirety watched the serial in its entirety: Brian watched the full DVD version last month, Christian watched half of it on VHS the other night, and James watched it in 2003. We’re not making it up, either – he really is that laid back.

Best just hit play, right?

Kasterborous PodKast Series 5 Episode 10 Shownotes

PodKast introduction by John Guilor. Theme tune by Russell Hugo