Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss the 10th anniversary of Torchwood: Children of Earth, a brief chat about the Third Doctor following 100 years since Jon Pertwee’s birth, and there’s news of our brand new Classic Era Sonic Screwdriver Ebook!


Doctor Who: it’s a bit of a laugh, isn’t it? Rarely taking itself entirely seriously, Doctor Who has a strong link to British comedy, whether through Steven Moffat and Douglas Adams, or via the very tone and content of the stories. This week, we consider how the show has charmed and amused us through standard comedy, and even absurdity.

What does it tell us about the Doctor, and who he is? And just what else is the Curator looking after in the National Gallery?

After a brief ramble about the state of soap operas and sitcoms on British TV, Christian and James then settle down to take a look at how comedy has been used in Doctor Who since 1963. Listen out for mentions of Comic Relief, Curse of the Fatal Death, and even The Three Doctors


Christmas Doctor Who is coming: but has it overstayed its welcome? Is the appearance of our favourite Time Lord on Christmas Day the televisual equivalent of an unwanted, chain smoking uncle, or even a specially knitted seasonal sweater?

While we retain optimism for The Return of Doctor Mysterio, we wonder whether or not it’s time to refresh Doctor Who‘s annual special and move it — or at least allow the viewer to take it seriously with a less inconsequential story.


Christian Cawley, James McLean and the ACTUAL Brian Terranova bring you their latest Doctor Who commentary, as they rewatch and mull over the 1970 classic Spearhead from Space. Introducing a new Doctor (Jon Pertwee), new format (stranded on earth, UNIT), a new villain (the Autons/Nestene Consciousness) and in colour for the first time, Spearhead is a vital component of the DW pantheon.

Get your DVD or Blu-ray ready (the podKast works without it, however!), hit play, and join us!

Christian Cawley and Brian A. Terranova are James-less this week as they chew the eye snot over Sleep No More, Doctor Who Series 9’s ninth episode (already?! Yes). Surely, with the vast collection of derogatory…