Well that was perhaps the worst week in Doctor Who since 1989. Reaction against the Jodie Whittaker news denounced as “sexism”; Peter Davison dragged into a Twitter firestorm by former Labour leader Ed Miliband (who has so far refused to apologise) leading to the former Doctor Who star quitting the social network; character actor and playwright Trevor Baxter dies; former Doctor Who companion Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield) sadly too passed away.

One we’d rather all forget. Christian Cawley and James McLean pick through the bones.


Couldn’t Doctor Who Series 9 have finished with a less contentious episode than the disappointing but not-really-all-that-bad Hell Bent? Capaldi was wonderful once again, as was Coleman – but did the Doctor – and Moffat – really have to go that far with the storyline only to wind up not killing Clara after all?

And did we really need Ken Bones’ General to regenerate? And did it have to be into a female incarnation? Did that further the story at all? We don’t think so.

With Christian Cawley, James McLean – and through the wonder of timey wimey editing, Brian Terranova.

In a diverse collection of discussions, this week’s podKast swings from Ripper Street series 3 to Colin Baker’s apparent fall out with Doctor Who Magazine, and largely concludes – thanks to recent comments by Sylvester McCoy – with some in-depth thoughts about what introducing a female Doctor Who would mean to the show and what it might reflect in society.

No, really.

Christian Cawley and Brian A Terranova are your hosts, with tardy boy McLean rolling in late. Students, eh?

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