One day, I was at Brian’s place, and we talked about making a Doctor Who fan film. It seemed like a great idea, so we got right on it. Ten years later, “Isolation” was born!…

Instead of just mulling over the latest missing episodes news, this week’s podKast brings in two guests, fans (who are also actors) John Guilor and Rupert Booth to talk about the omnirumour and much more. Brace yourselves, Kasterborites, for a podKast containing lofts, basements, penpals, appreciation society presidents, professional voice work, interactive movies but sadly, no James McLean. Hosted by Christian Cawley and Brian A Terranova.

Warning – there is some adult language in this week’s podKast!

Kasterborous PodKast Series 4 Episode 44 Shownotes

Intro by John Guilor; podKast theme by Russell Hugo.