Yeh, that’s a lineup isn’t it? In this week’s podKast, we have Susan and Lee Cummings of the Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game, Nathan Skreslet and Ly Cao of PixelWho, and erstwhile custodian of the War Doctor, George Mann!

This immense collection of guests is here to talk about “Bigger on the Inside: Chapter 1”, a new addition to Doctor Who: Legacy, with graphics from PixelWho and a story and script from Engines of War author George Mann.

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Shownotes Series 6 Episode 24

Huge thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s podKast, and to Susan Cummings for providing the code, which you’ll find by listening to the podKast.

Retro games-style theme tune by Russell Hugo!

Wow. After last week’s “low-key” podKast with Christian Cawley and James McLean, this week we bring in Gareth Kavanagh and the conversation swings and turns from video games and New Adventures to other podcasts, past…

A bit of a low key podKast this week as Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss all manner of topics, from recent casting to stone Cyberman heads, and whether Steven Moffat should really be running Doctor Who Series 10…

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Kasterborous PodKast Series 5 Episode 16 Shownotes

PodKast theme tune by Russell Hugo.

We head back in time with this week’s podKast to revisit and reappraise the 1973 Doctor Who six part Dalek serial, Planet of the Daleks, starring Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning.

True to form, the team has not in its entirety watched the serial in its entirety: Brian watched the full DVD version last month, Christian watched half of it on VHS the other night, and James watched it in 2003. We’re not making it up, either – he really is that laid back.

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Kasterborous PodKast Series 5 Episode 10 Shownotes

PodKast introduction by John Guilor. Theme tune by Russell Hugo

We came, we saw, we were slightly befuddled. Doctor Who Series 8 episode In The Forest Of The Night has left fans a little perplexed (although it has plenty of strong aspects to it) and…

We’ve a special guest on this week’s Doctor Who podKast in the shape of Gareth Kavanagh, who joins us for a full hour (and the rest) of news discussion and fanzine sparring. As well as…

This week’s podKast (with a “K”) gets in an early celebratory mood for Christmas with a selection of recommendations, a chat about Brian Terranova’s latest Sonic Screwdriver prop and a look at Doctor Who: Legacy,…