Christian Cawley, James McLean and the ACTUAL Brian Terranova bring you their latest Doctor Who commentary, as they rewatch and mull over the 1970 classic Spearhead from Space. Introducing a new Doctor (Jon Pertwee), new format (stranded on earth, UNIT), a new villain (the Autons/Nestene Consciousness) and in colour for the first time, Spearhead is a vital component of the DW pantheon.

Get your DVD or Blu-ray ready (the podKast works without it, however!), hit play, and join us!

Well, dear listener, it’s been a tough week. Basically, we lost our Doctor Who Death in Heaven podKast recording on Monday, thanks to the software we usually rely on to record our Skype call crashing without warning or notice.

The result is a podKast that didn’t happen. But did.

So, James McLean and Christian Cawley have this evening put some time aside to record a new, shorter podKast. We can’t recapture the magic of Monday’s disaster, but we can take a look at a new topic for the evening: Doctor Who missing episodes…

Kasterborous PodKast Series 4 Episode 40 Shownotes

Intro on the audio version by John Guilor; podKast theme by Russell Hugo.