Welcome to the first of our new monthly podcast schedule, in which we look at Doctor Who Series 11 in depth. 

Did it work? Was it great? Did Jodie deliver the goods, and did Resolution feel a bit pointless (if enjoyable)?

There’s a lot to talk about: click play to hear Christian Cawley, James Baldock, and Simon Danes try to come to some sort of concensus

Happy New Year, Kasterborites! It’s time to take apart Resolution, the latest episode of Doctor Who and probably it’s only showing in 2019.

Join Christian Cawley, Gareth Kavanagh and James McLean as they mull over the episode, highlight their highs and lows, and ask: was Resolution an unwelcome crown to a series that had already ended strongly…?

Christian Cawley, James McLean, and Gareth Kavanagh are back again with another Doctor Who podKast with a K.

This week, we address the news from the BBC that Doctor Who Series 12 will not air until 2020. There’s also some chat about how the 2005 series was almost a 6 parter, and a review of the Series 11 finale, The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos.


Doctor Who Series 12 airs in 2020

Christian Cawley and James McLean are fresh from viewing The Ghost Monument, the second episode of Doctor Who Series 11.

How did they take to the new TARDIS? Is Yaz ever going to do anything? And just how popular is Bradley Walsh?


Big news this week in the world of Doctor Who, where Bradley Walsh was finally confirmed as part of the regular cast of Chris Chibnall’s reimagined show.

PLUS: Lego Dimensions ends, which means there’s now no active Doctor Who video game beyond Doctor Who: Legacy.

Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss.


One week on, and we still can’t quite believe it. Has Bradley Walsh really been cast as a companion on Doctor Who Series 11? Is the production in some sort of bizarre existential crisis?

Or is it a sort of modern day take on John-Nathan Turner-esque stunt casting? Christian Cawley and James McLean chew the fat, and perhaps even come to a conclusion (which would be a first)…