There’s not a lot of Doctor Who news around at the moment, but what is going on is pretty interesting. To highlight the gems, Christian Cawley and James McLean got together to record a new podcast!


Presenting stories with multiple incarnations of Doctor Who is always a treat… but it sometimes doesn’t quite work out. Christian Cawley and James McLean put their heads together to work out just which of these stories is the best. Is it the one you’re expecting, or do they have a surprise for you?

Featuring discussion of:

The Three Doctors; The Five Doctors; The Two Doctors; Dimensions in Time; Time Crash; Day of the Doctor; Twice Upon a Time; countless novels and Big Finish adventures. Oh, and a few words about a wonderful parody account based on the idea of Big Finish exploring every narrative nook and cranny in Doctor Who


Is Chris Chibnall taking out a sweeping brush and completely discarding with the past few years of Doctor Who when he takes charge? Will Peter Capaldi be replaced by the star of a popular Sunday evening drama series?

And did anyone step up to the plate to defend Class?

Find out more as Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss the past few weeks in the Doctor Who world, plus details of the forthcoming Audience with Eric Saward in Manchester next weekend.

This week’s podKast takes a look at the recent news from the Doctor Who world, specifically Peter Capaldi’s reported offer to remain for Series 11 (Chris Chibnall’s first) and the news that Torchwood’s Eve Myles…

Have too many adverts crippled our erstwhile home, With the news that the once “Mighty K” is losing another pair of editors – and perhaps the entire writing team – Christian Cawley and James…

Christian Cawley and Brian A. Terranova are here for this week’s podKast, in which they are overwhelmed with the news of the K9 vs Omega movie, satisfied with The Woman Who Lived, thrilled by David…

We head back in time with this week’s podKast to revisit and reappraise the 1973 Doctor Who six part Dalek serial, Planet of the Daleks, starring Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning.

True to form, the team has not in its entirety watched the serial in its entirety: Brian watched the full DVD version last month, Christian watched half of it on VHS the other night, and James watched it in 2003. We’re not making it up, either – he really is that laid back.

Best just hit play, right?

Kasterborous PodKast Series 5 Episode 10 Shownotes

PodKast introduction by John Guilor. Theme tune by Russell Hugo