PodKast with a “Found It!”

January 9, 2012

What with our winter break in December we didn’t get the chance to chat in depth about the Missing Believed Wiped event and the announcement of the discovery of missing episode from the classic serials Galaxy Four and The Underwater Menace.

As a result this new podKast discusses the amazing news of the rediscovery of these episodes as well as giving Brian, James and Christian the chance to suggest existing episodes that might be apt for accidental loss…


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3 comments on “PodKast with a “Found It!”

  1. Kevin Jan 10, 2012

    Thanks guys – listening to your podcast stopped me from going out and getting soaked.

    I’d use the time-scoop to remove Bonny Langford (Mel) from existence. Also, I was amazed none of you suggested loosing the episode ‘Fear Her’, which to me was the worst episode of new Who so far. The trauma was so significant I intend to avoid any coverage of this years Olympics because of it.

  2. Paul AJ Jan 13, 2012

    I got the flags out when they announced the find of those 2 episodes. Really hoping that The Underwater Menace at least, as it’s now half complete, is considered for dvd release with the remaining 2 episodes animated and not just compiled onto a ‘Lost In Time 2’.

    Still eagerly awaiting The Reign of Terror release, though was surprised when that one was announced instead of The Ice Warriors given the shortage of Troughton releases and that it has the same amount of episodes missing. Could it be that they’re testing the sales market against The Invasion to see if there is as much interest in animating a historical ?

    And as for which episodes would you happily lose…..was in total agreeance with two of the suggestions. 1) Time and the Rani is the biggest embarrassment out of a shakey season. Actually led me to switching off Doctor Who permanently at the time. I only started ‘discovering’ the 7th Doctor era when the video of The Curse of Fenric was released which is a classic in my eyes and thankfully restored my faith. 2) Let’s Kill Hitler had absolutely no redeeming qualities for me whatsoever. Unfortunate that the whole resolution at the end of the series rests on this episode having taken place or I’d happily skip it. The fact that Steven Moffat has stated that ‘slutty’ titles (and I’m assuming he was pinpointing Let’s Kill Hitler) are the way to go is just baffling to me.