We’ve had the new showrunner, the new Doctor, and shots of the new TARDIS. So it was about time Doctor Who fans got a flavour of the new logo! But what do you think of it?

Telling you what they think in this week’s podKast with a K are Christian Cawley and James Baldock, who also manage to cover some recent Doctor Who news and go off at some entertaining tangents.


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3 comments on “300: What Do You Think of the New Doctor Who Logo?

  1. Colin Grigson Mar 12, 2018

    If I was showrunner, I would take the Doctor away from the TARDIS for a while, but I wouldn’t have the Doctor stranded on Earth again. That idea just doesn’t excite me at all I’m afraid. I’d much rather see the Doctor become a prisoner on some giant space prison and have him/her forced against his/her will to travel throughout time and space solving mysteries. The Doctor could have a variety of different companions too – some alien, some human all hailing from different points in time and planets. You could have a mild arc as well about the Doctor plotting to get the TARDIS back and freeing his/her fellow prisoners. I would be more than happy for Chibnall or any future showrunner to use this idea!
    On the new theme, I’d personally like to hear Todd Terje have a go at it. His song Leisure Suit Preben sounds very Doctor Who to me, particularly about half way through. Worth a listen I reckon.

  2. Christian Cawley Mar 12, 2018

    Do you have a link for that, Colin?