Long ago, when we ran a popular Doctor Who news site, we dreamed of going into print. We also had an interest in Doctor Who video games, from the early 1980s to the present day. By 2013, we needed a topic for our second full fanzine.

What better topic for our second fanzine edition, then, than Doctor Who video games? Kasterborous Magazine #2 is a Doctor Who video game special, and you can download it now for free.

Doctor Who video games in Kasterborous Magazine #2

Seven years later it remains the most in-depth exploration of Doctor Who video games, and features:

  • 1980s video game magazine-inspired design
  • The most in-depth feature on the development of Doctor Who: Return to Earth you will ever read
  • Interviews with developers on The Adventure Games and Doctor Who: Legacy
  • Features on Doctor Who: Worlds in Time (RIP) and The Eternity Clock
  • Reviews of all classic and modern Doctor Who games
  • Previously unseen photographs and concept artwork
  • Doctor Who in Second Life
  • Doctor Who mobile games
  • A look at what is wrong – DW: Legacy aside – with Doctor Who video games. Why haven’t they been as good as we would expect them to be?
  • Contributions from Christian Cawley, James McLean, Mez Burdett, Elton Townend Jones and Phil Bates

Featuring remarkable concept art by James McLean, original photos, and reviews of every official video game from Doctor Who: The First Adventure to Doctor Who: Legacy.

Kasterborous Magazine #2 Doctor Who Video Games Special is ready to download now and is yours to keep.

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