Remember the time the Doctor met the crew of Star Trek’s Enterprise? Does Doctor Who occur in the same universe as Blake’s 7? What about Marvel UK’s soon-to-be resurrected Death’s Head, and his contract on the Doctor?

Join Christian Cawley, Gareth Kavanagh, and James McLean as they navigate the wondrous worlds of Doctor Who crossovers, imagined and real!


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One comment on “Doctor Who Crossovers: Star Trek and Beyond

  1. Damian Christie Jun 27, 2019

    Thanks for an entertaining podcast about crossovers in Doctor Who. There’s a couple of other points you didn’t mention which I thought I’d add to the mix:

    1. Terry Nation originally proposed shoehorning the Daleks into Blake’s 7 for the Season 2 finale Star One! The pepperpots from Skaro would have been the invading aliens, not the Andromedans. Nation’s pitch was rejected by the producer David Maloney and the script editor Chris Boucher (despite their own Doctor Who pedigree) no doubt because they were determined to not compromise B7’s point of difference from Doctor Who. Ironically, the Andromedans were very remarkably like the Sontarans’ perpetual enemies the Rutans – generic, shapeshifting aliens that looked a bit like jellyfish – so perhaps a surprise appearance by the Daleks could have worked, after all!

    2. While Doctor Who doesn’t necessarily slot in well to the universes of other franchises (eg Star Wars, Alien, etc), some of its serials over the years have been forerunners to much better known classic SF films and TV series. The plotlines of both Day of the Daleks and The Ark in Space foreshadowed both the original Terminator and Alien films, with their focuses on time travel paradoxes driven by apocalyptic events and a parasitic species infesting human hosts. Pyramids of Mars also foreshadowed the enormously successful Stargate film and TV series. In fact, the original Stargate film could easily pass the grade as a Doctor Who story – all you need to do is swap Dr Daniel Jackson with the Doctor, Colonel Jack O’Neill with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, the US marines with UNIT and the Goa’uld with the Osirans, and you have a ready-made Doctor Who tale that would probably have not been vastly different on TV! It just shows how versatile Doctor Who is as a concept and how it can do generic SF as well as just about anyone!

    3. Returning to the Daleks, while Doctor Who has itself generally avoided crossing over into other franchises, the Daleks nevertheless have a habit of appearing in commercials, parodies and comedies. In my native Australia, they appeared in a bank ad (, along with other famous SF robots, and most famously also were part of Area 51 with a range of aliens in Joe Dante’s Looney Tunes: Back in Action ( Most recently, they were in the Lego Batman movie ( and also the Lego Dimensions video game. They’ve even rather cheekily appeared as the “Deacons” in a Futurama comic story (Bongo Comics, Issue 32, July 2007) called “Doctor What”!

    So there you go, some further examples of Doctor Who crossovers! If you’d also like to read my thoughts on the Doctor Who/Star Trek: TNG crossover, then (forgive the gratuitous self-promotion), I’ve also written about it previously online. See

    Thanks again for the podcast – it was a fun and enjoyable listen!