Wow. After last week’s “low-key” podKast with Christian Cawley and James McLean, this week we bring in Gareth Kavanagh and the conversation swings and turns from Doctor Who video games and New Adventures to other podcasts, past podKasts, and Philip Martin’s upcoming East of Heysham, which Gareth is producing.

All in all this is an eclectic podKast, which also includes an update on Vworp Vworp! issue 3.


PodKast theme tune by Russell Hugo.

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5 comments on “Doctor Who Video Games, New Adventures, and East of Heysham

  1. (chortle) James’s comment on 1980s video games completely sums up the decade socially, politically and morally – “The shiny cover belied the rubbish inside”.

    • kwijino Jun 8, 2015

      Not really. The 80s were great, if you actually lived in them. Rubbish is a lot of now.

      • garethothelass Jun 8, 2015

        Oh myself and Whom lived it alright!

      • James McLean Jun 10, 2015

        I think there was a great deal of rubbish which we enjoy with nostalgia and because we knew no better. I remember, being a Spectrum user, how many games I had to accept would look awful, but because my expectations were low, when they looked bearable, or above a certain standard, they looked great. Bionic Commando on the Spectrum I played for hours, days, weeks. Looks terrible if you look now, but embraced it back then. The cover, was much, much better.