A two-part Doctor Who season finale?! It’s like the halcyon days of the RTD era, with Cybermen and the Master wandering around, isn’t it?

Except, of course, the Master has a new name, and a brand new look, and the Kasterborous team isn’t quite unanimous on the gender switching of the Doctor’s Time Lord rival. Join Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova and James McLean as they discuss Dark Water, the Master/Missy transition and give their recommendations for stuff to enjoy between episodes.


Introduction by John Guilor.

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10 comments on “Doctor Who Dark Water: Series 8 Finale Splits The PodKast!

  1. MrKroll Nov 5, 2014

    Your all so negative, if you don’t like Dr who why do you watch it.

    • Castellan Spandrel Nov 6, 2014

      That was them being chipper. You should have heard the Podkast they did after Edge of Destruction.

    • Are you being ironic? Or did you not listen to the podKast?

      • Castellan Spandrel Nov 6, 2014

        I guess you mean Mr Kroll, and not I?

        I listened to most of it and thought it was largely positive bearing in mind the opportunity for controversy afforded by certain aspects of the story.

        Problem is I always find that, if I pause the Podkast, I can only listen to it all from the beginning again rather than from the point where I paused.

        Last week’s got stuck several times (or rather the sound vanished at various points, as other users have said), so I had to hear the same first 5-10 minutes about 5 times before I got the whole thing.

        I try to listen in one go, for the above reasons, but life intervenes sometimes, as you know, what with the Time Tots an’ all. 🙂

        • How are you listening? That pausing thing shouldn’t happen, and certainly doesn’t in my experience.

          • Castellan Spandrel Nov 6, 2014

            ‘Pausing’ was the wrong word, sorry. I meant the same problem other users have reported in recent weeks, i.e. the sound going at various points.

            I’ve used all the different player versions on the Kast pages. Today, I used the one that’s nearest the bottom, with no issues, so maybe that’s the way forward for future listening. It also pauses when I press ‘pause’ and replays from the last point (have just discovered this), so thanks and sorry for needless alarm!

          • That’s the Audio[billyfluff]boo option. You wise man, you.

  2. Pantz Nov 6, 2014

    It would have been so much better if Missy turned out to be an evil version of one of Clara’s lives. Would have connected up nicely with that key throwing scene as well.

    • TonyS Nov 6, 2014

      … is one way of looking at it. Another is that keeping the key throwing scene isolated highlights the depth of Clara’s grief and the lengths to which she will go.