Welcome to the first of our regular Coaxial podcasts, in which Gareth Kavanagh joins Christian Cawley to chat about television. To open the run, we’re looking at the BBC’s recent classic Sitcom Season, in which several situation comedies from days gone by were updated in various ways, from an impressive lick of paint to a complete clone of the original…

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2 comments on “Coaxial #1 – BBC Classic Sitcom Season

  1. Jon Roberts Sep 17, 2016

    Great Podkast lads. One sitcom I would have liked to see would have been the Likely Lads, it could have worked if they got the right actors to play Bob and Terry.

    • Christian Cawley Sep 17, 2016

      Great choice. If it could have been better cast (as per Hancock or Are You Being Served?) than the Ant & Dec revival, that would have been a perfect addition!