How is Doctor Who Series 11 looking to you? It’s not perfect, but we’re pretty sure The Witchfinders could be the most memorable episode yet, if only for Alan Cumming’s audaciously fruity turn as King James I.

Christian Cawley, Gareth Kavanagh and James McLean takes turns at the dunking stool to find out who will be burned at the steak for heresy…

Has Doctor Who Series 11 finally hit its stride? Is Bradley Walsh the secret glue to the show? Have we just been waiting for Chris Chibnall to hand over the writing to others?

Join Christian Cawley, James McLean and Gareth Kavanagh to find out more as they get down to the nitty-gritty of Demons of the Punjab!

PLUS: Some chat about AI figures since 2005…

Fancy some Arachnids in the UK talk? Want to recall the Pting in The Tsuranga Conundrum? You’ve come to the right place as Christian Cawley and James McLean revisit the past two episodes of Doctor Who Series 11 and.

There’s even time to consider the state of the show at this halfway stage of the run.

Christian Cawley and James McLean are fresh from viewing The Ghost Monument, the second episode of Doctor Who Series 11.

How did they take to the new TARDIS? Is Yaz ever going to do anything? And just how popular is Bradley Walsh?


What did you think of the return of Doctor Who? Did Jodie Whittaker press your timey-wimey buttons? Missed the TARDIS? Or were you *enraged* by the poor Yorkshire accent of one of the supporting cast?

Perhaps the theme tune ticked you off… or the odd roll call of future guest stars.

Either way, your thoughts are mirrored by at least one of our podcast team this week. Click play to hear what Christian Cawley and James McLean thought about The Woman Who Fell to Earth…

Christian Cawley and James Baldock look forward to Doctor Who Series 11, and wonder if spoilers are really all that bad. Listen out for some thoughts about the BBC news website’s opinion of Peter Capaldi, and just what was going on in Steven Moffat’s head when he invented the Dalek Parliament?



Recorded at the VworpCon event on September 9th, classic Doctor Who scriptwriters Philip Martin (Vengeance on Varos, Mindwarp) and Stephen Gallagher (Warrior’s Gate, Terminus) chat with Christian Cawley and James McLean about writing their episodes and novelizations.

We’re back with a chat about the current Doctor Who news, covering Christopher Eccleson’s memoir, Chris Chibnall’s recent SFX interview, and the release of the title of Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 2… No trailer reaction, as we recorded this before its release!

Your host this week is Christian Cawley, accompanied by James Baldock, and Simon Danes.