Remember the time the Doctor met the crew of Star Trek’s Enterprise? Does Doctor Who occur in the same universe as Blake’s 7? What about Marvel UK’s soon-to-be resurrected Death’s Head, and his contract on the Doctor?

Join Christian Cawley, Gareth Kavanagh, and James McLean as they navigate the wondrous worlds of Doctor Who crossovers, imagined and real!



Welcome to the first of our special PropKast podcasts, in which James McLean and Brian A Terranova discuss props in TV and movies. To kick off, the focus is mainly on Doctor Who props, specifically those that have been reused across serials or found in other shows.


(Featured image credit: Brian A Terranova)

Incredibly, in over 350 podcasts, we haven’t spent any time talking in depth about former Doctor Who script editor Eric Saward.

Well, it’s time to make amends! Gareth Kavanagh is back with Christian Cawley and James McLean to discuss the 1982-1986 era of Doctor Who. Listen out for mention of a Saward-penned graphic novel currently in production focusing on Saward’s Resurrection of the Daleks and Attack of the Cybermen character Lytton.



The second Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) features an exclusive interview with “Mr Norman”, some comment and opinion on Smith and Jones and The Shakespeare Code and is hosted by Christian Cawley and Brian Terranova, with occasional input from Anthony Dry.

Oh and don’t forget Gerald, our Slitheen butler (you know, someone has to give those guys a job now).

In this week’s podKast with a K, Brian Terranova returns to the show to discuss what he’s been up to since taking a break. Naturally, there’s a lot of talk about the RTD era sonic screwdriver, too, following publication of Brian’s 30 page PDF history of the prop.

Unaware of the book? Don’t worry, it’s free to download via the link above. In this podcast, you’ll learn why Brian started compiling the history of the prop, and get an idea of the type of material he’s analyzed.

You’ll also find out “why now?” – why did Brian release this prop history eBook now, rather than last month or even next?

The Melkur has arrived, and Christian Cawley and James McLean are literally caught by the honey on display in The Keeper of Traken.

There’s the cast, the set, the costumes, the return of the Master, the Shakespearean undercurrent.

It’s lovely, isn’t it?

This week’s podKast with a K is a commentary of The Keeper of Traken. We’d like you to join in, watching along with us. Get your DVDs/streaming account at the ready and hit play!

Welcome to the first of our new monthly podcast schedule, in which we look at Doctor Who Series 11 in depth. 

Did it work? Was it great? Did Jodie deliver the goods, and did Resolution feel a bit pointless (if enjoyable)?

There’s a lot to talk about: click play to hear Christian Cawley, James Baldock, and Simon Danes try to come to some sort of concensus