Doctor Who is back with a bang and a twist with Skyfall, the first episode of a two part story kicking off Series 12. Christian Cawley and Gareth Kavanagh mull it over, with a bit of help from… you!

This podKast is a bit shorter than usual due to the limited schedule and time between the two episodes. However, we’re planning to reconvene with a bit more purpose and some in-depth discussion of the Spyfall story as a whole during the coming week.

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The first Doctor Who episode to air on Christmas Day was back in 1965, smack bang in the middle of The Daleks’ Master Plan. A curio that most fans haven’t seen, the episode exists only as an audio adventure from off air tapes.

Or does it?

Aside from a Peter Purves/Jean Marsh two-hander, alongside the original novelisation, various fan-made productions have been mounted. From telesnap archives to CGI recreations, fans have a wealth of options that while interesting, never quite capture the magic of a real episode. However, these projects are interesting in their own right.

In this week’s special Christmas podKast, Christian Cawley and James McLean watch two CGI remakes of The Daleks’ Master Plan simultaneously. We’d like you to watch along with us, so use these two YouTube videos. First up is The Feast of Steven (Animated):

At the same time, we watched Feast of Steven via the lens of WhoRecons’ animated CGI econstruction

What more can we say? Hit play, enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas, so we’ve recorded a special seasonal podcast. Time travel back to 2006 with Christian Cawley and Brian Terranova as they talk all the way through The Runaway Bride, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

This episode went out on Christmas Day evening to an audience of 9.35 million viewers, and famously split fans, some of which adored Catherine Tate’s first full appearance (following the cameo at the end of Doomsday) while others were less than enthused.

A quick look in the Ultimate Regeneration compendium of Doctor Who reviews from the RTD era reveals what Christian thought at the time:

“This wasn’t a ‘fun adventure for all the family’. It had all of the worst excesses of Russell T Davies’ take on Doctor Who sliced up, repackaged as something new and different and frankly empty. Without a strong lead, Doctor Who would be dead in the water. That’s worth thinking about. He shouldn’t really have to put up with nonsense like this.”

But what does Christian think of The Runaway Bride 13 years later?

So get ready to hit play. We’ve even provided a count-in so you can watch the episode along with us. What’s more, we’d love to hear your thoughts on rewatching The Runaway Bride, so leave them below.

We’ve got a problem. With a new Doctor Who series on the horizon, how can we manage to fit it in? With books, games, comics, magazines, radio shows, movies – even podcasts – where does TV sit? Should specific shows be prioritised? If so, is Doctor Who really a show to watch before, say, The Mandalorian, or The Man in the High Castle, or even I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?

James McLean and Christian Cawley get together to try and assess the load media consumers have to work through. We might also have speculated again on the future of Doctor Who as a broadcast show, in terms of how we might view (as in “consume”) in the future…

Is the family audience still there? Has it migrated to Marvel’s hero movies? Will the producers of Doctor Who evolve the show into a new format for streaming platforms? Is the future of shows like Doctor Who digital-only, or is a physical product still required?

The podcast team reunites at last to talk about the Doctor Who Series 12 trailer and the 56th anniversary.

Doctor Who Series 12, its trailer, guest stars, and the shows’s 56th anniversary are the topics of conversation this week. Some interesting thoughts about the future and the best anniversary stories, too…

With Christian Cawley, James McLean, and Brian Terranova!

This week’s show is a PropKast featuring Brian A Terranova telling us about how he and a group of prop enthusiasts built their own RTD-era sonic screwdriver.

Tying in nicely with our RTD era sonic screwdriver PDF, Brian tells Christian Cawley how prop makers put their heads together, pooled resources, and built their own sonic screwdrivers.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there’s even some chat about how the Star Wars fan community discovered how a lightsaber prop changed during Return of the Jedi. You’ll also learn what a “Hero Prop” is, assuming you don’t already know…

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