Once upon a time there was a website that delivered news and editorial to a bunch of Doctor Who fans. As the show grew in popularity, so did the site.

Some might say it grew too fast, beyond the capabilities of its contributors. So after 10 years, the site was sold… but the podcast was not.

Which brings us succinctly and without boring backstory to the podKast with a K. Hosted with varying degrees of regularity by Christian Cawley, James McLean, and Brian A Terranova, with regular guest appearances from Gareth Kavanagh, our Doctor Who podcast (originally “The podKast with a K”) launched in 2007, went weekly in 2011, and has been running ever since.

Over the years we’ve brought you in-depth discussions, irreverence, and even interviews, covering everything from publishing fanzines to building sonic screwdrivers, working as a voice actor on Doctor Who, and developing video games.

Primarily hosted on Audioboom, each edition of the Doctor Who podcast (and our others) can be found here at www.kasterborous.co.uk. You can also find the Kasterborous podcast on:

…and all those other podcast directories.

This is a podcast about Doctor Who, but often merely as a starting point to some other related discussion. We might take in other shows, or consider the changing face of the TV industry. Some of our reviews:

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