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June 10, 2012

Paul Darrow guests in Robots of Death: Live

Running from July 1st at the Fab Cafe in Manchester is a stage adaptation of Robots of Death, the classic 1977 Doctor Who serial written by Chris Boucher. Behind the production is Gareth Kavanagh, and he makes a special appearance on this week’s podKast (with a K) to discuss that and other shows with a Doctor Who theme that are lined up for the summer.

We’ll have full confirmed details later this week for Robots of Death, it’s stage-sequel Storm Mine and an appearance by Philip Martin (Vengeance on Varos) but in the meantime, click play to enjoy!


During the podKast James refers to our review of The Keys of Marinus and the canon-busting work of Alasdair Shaw in An Infinite Number of Doctors….

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