A PodKast with Autograph Anxiety PLUS Terrance Dicks Q&A

April 23, 2015

Doctor Who script editor and novelisation legend Terrance Dicks features in a special Q&A on this week’s podKast, recorded at the Fab Cafe in Manchester on April 19th 2015.

Aside from that, the usual team of Christian, Brian and James will be discussing everything from Crossroads to the new Star Wars movie trailer, and all of the related Doctor Who in between.


Kasterborous PodKast Series 5 Episode 11 Shownotes

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14 comments on “A PodKast with Autograph Anxiety PLUS Terrance Dicks Q&A

  1. Avatar Doctor Moo Apr 23, 2015

    Totally psyched up for next week’s podKast now!!!

    • Avatar James McLean Apr 23, 2015

      Surprisingly candid, and I think there’s a lot of truth in what he says. I tend to think showrunning, particularly be it because a show is writer driven, works far better when you’ve got two people working in tandem.

      • Avatar Mrs Fingerbottom Apr 24, 2015

        I agree. I like Moffat but that’s something he needs. Urgently. Before he gets too cocky.

  2. Avatar Mrs Fingerbottom Apr 23, 2015

    Time and the… Good lord, why would you VOLUNTERILY

    • Avatar James McLean Apr 23, 2015

      I won’t. I’ll assign the task to my butler. He’ll endure it as his position in the social heirarchy demands. I expect no tears.

      • Avatar Doctor Moo Apr 23, 2015

        Nice try! Man up, McLean. You’re doing it.

        • Avatar James McLean Apr 24, 2015

          I did it back in 1987. It made me the man I am not today.

          • Avatar Doctor Moo Apr 24, 2015

            Part one must have been a hugely disappointing 25 minutes for you at the time.

  3. Avatar Mr McJohnson Apr 23, 2015

    Is Terrence Dicks still alive?! That’s impressive! The man is the classic series personified. I have a great admiration for him which his dislike of that lunar misstep only increases.

  4. Avatar Andy Frankham-Allen Apr 23, 2015

    Good call on Beast of Fang Rock, Christian. Essentially you hit the nail on the head. 🙂 Also, in case you want to know, The Face of the Enemy was a follow up to Inferno… which might be relevant. 🙂

  5. Avatar itsonlythesoaps Apr 23, 2015

    There is an episode of Northern Exposure that does a Twin Peaks parody. Perhaps that’s part of why the connection was made. Twin Peaks as a show was cross genre, and instead of it copying anything that was going on in the early 90s, they blazed a trail for other shows. That said, the first season is much better than the second, which is a bit of a confusing mess.

    • Avatar James McLean Apr 23, 2015

      Shush, don’t spoil the quality degradation for Brian!