Greatest Half Life 2 Fan Movies

January 19, 2012

We could be waiting for Half Life 3 longer than we waited for Duke Nukem Forever, but you can guarantee it won’t suck as much. But in the meantime, let’s dream about how a Hollywood style visit to City 17 might look with these great – nay, amazing – fan produced movie shorts.

HALF-LIFE – Singularity Collapse

The one that inspired this article. Beautiful effects and acting, astonishing set dressing and a great location.

Half-Life 2 – Fan Movie Teaser I’m the Freeman

Marco Spitoni works at WETA (the company who produce props, visual effects and other hardware for Lord of the Rings) and made this awesome teaser trailer for a Half-Life movie that no one’s ever gonna see completed… probably.

Escape from City 17

Possibly the most awesome combine(ation) of CGI, Machinima and live action anywhere, this movie and it’s sequel are fricking brilliant. Set during the City 17 uprising in Half Life 2, the films tell of the connection that grows between two people during the battle. Both parts are made in a gritty guerrilla style that really works in the context. Budget is low ($250 on each) with previously owned/donated software, time, and an HVX200 camera used.

Both parts star Julia Tourianski and Derek Chan with producers David and Ian Purchase.

Follow Freeman

Produced by, you won’t find the Free Man within but it’s a great way to get your Half Life fix.

Half Life TV Series. Episode 1 The Beginning

Fascinating but slightly inaccurate in places, the creators promised to create more episodes if the original reached 10000 YouTube likes. It did, and we await the results.

Did we miss any great Half Life 2 fan movies? Let us know!

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