We’re back! And so are the Truth Monks. But who are they, really? Could there be something more to them and their tech? Or is it all just a coincidence?

Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova and James McLean discuss the latest episode of Doctor Who Series 10, The Pyramid at the End of the World — plus some of your own thoughts, collected from Facebook and Twitter.

And just what was Brian Terranova doing chatting to Star Trek‘s Brent Spiner?

All these questions and more will be answered. Or not. Hit play to find out!


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One comment on “276: Inside the Pyramid – Truth Monks or Cybermen?

  1. I think my comments on “Extremis” apply here. Would have been okay as a stand alone episode. Was an okay middle for a 3 parter. Good production values. Again, not terribly memorable.